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Coffee, Teas, and Hot Cocoa

coffee and teas

Coffee-Ground & Bean

Starbucks Coffee Flavors
Breakfast Blend
Cafe Estima - Fair Trade Blend
Cafe Verona
French Roast
House Blend Regular & Decaf

Peet’s Coffee Flavors
Fair Trade Blend
French Roast
House Blend Regular & Decaf
Major Dickason's Blend

Folgers Coffee Flavors
Folgers Regular & Decaf
Folgers Regular & Decaf Filter Packs

Maxwell House Coffee Flavors
Maxwell House Special Delivery Regular & Decaf

Seattle’s Best Coffee Flavors
Seattle's Best Blend Regular & Decaf
Vanilla Bean - Fair Trade
Hazelnut Crème
6th Ave Bistro

Gavina Coffee Flavors
Butterscotch Toffee
Cinnamon Hazelnut
Chocolate Raspberry
Mocha Java
Northwest Blend
Gourmet Blend
French Roast Regular & Decaf
French Caramel
French Vanilla
Hawaiian Hazelnut-Regular & Decaf
Vanilla Nut Regular & Decaf
Irish Crème
Columbian Regular & Decaf

Coffee Bean Coffee Flavors
House Blend
French Roast

Apffels Gourmet Coffee Flavors
Apffels Regular & Decaf
Pacific Blend
Vanilla Nut
Hazelnut Crème
Kona Blend

Coffee & Tea K-Cups for Keurig

Green Mountain Flavors
Breakfast Blend Regular & Decaf
Extra Bold Dark Magic Regular & Decaf
Autumn Harvest
Pumpkin Spice
Fair Trade Perfect Peach
Chocolate Glazed Donut
Donut House Regular & Decaf
Newman’s Special Blend Regular & Decaf
Extra Bold Double Black Diamond
Extra Bold Espresso Blend
Half-Caff Blend
Extra Bold 10% Kona Blend
Organic Espresso Blend
Caramel Vanilla Cream
Mocha Nut Fudge
French Vanilla Regular & Decaf
French Roast Regular & Decaf
Hot Cocoa
Rain Forest Nut
Southern Pecan
Wild Mountain Blueberry
Cinnamon Roll
Extra Bold Kenyan AA
Nantucket Blend-Iced Brewed
French Vanilla-Iced Brewed
Fair Trade Extra Bold Summer Safari
Extra Bold Wicked Winter
Raspberry Rhapsody Fair Trade
Organic Sumatran Reserve
Heifer Hope Blend
National Wildlife Blend
Hazelnut Regular & Decaf
Extra Bold Hazelnut Dark Roast
Columbian Fair Trade Select
Lake & Lodge
Our Blend
Vermont Country Blend Regular & Decaf

Gloria Jean’s Flavors
Swiss Chocolate Almond
Hazelnut Regular & Decaf
Butter Toffee
French Vanilla Supreme
Swiss Chocolate Almond
GJ Black Gold Extra Bold
GJ Special Blend Regular & Decaf
Chai Tea
Mango Tea
Serenity Green Tea
Peppermint Herbal Tea
Pomegranate Berry Fusion Tea
Pumpkin Spice
Holiday Traditions
Hot Chocolate

Wolfgang Puck Flavors
Sorrento Fair Trade
Rodeo Drive
Jamaica Me Crazy
Breakfast in Bed
Crème Caramel
Chef’s Reserve Columbian Regular & Decaf
French Roast
Sumatra Kopi Raya
Vienna Coffee house
Hawaiian Hazelnut
Vanilla Francaise

Emeril’s K-Cup Flavors
Big Easy Bold
Vanilla Bean
Decaf Jazzed Up
Organic French Quarter Roast

Tully’s Coffee Flavors
Breakfast Blend
French Roast Regular & Decaf
Full City Roast
House Blend Regular & Decaf
Italian Roast
Kona Blend
Madison Blend
Sumatra Extra Blend

Caribou Coffee Flavors
Caribou Blend Regular & Decaf
Sumatra Regular & Decaf
Daybreak Morning Blend
French Roast

Coffee People Flavors
Donut Shop Regular & Decaf
Jet Fuel
Wake Up Call
Tree Hugger
Black Tiger
French Roast Regular & Decaf
Kona Blend-Island Style
Santa’s Buzz

Café Escapes Flavors
Café Mocha
Chai Latte
Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa
Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Diedrich Coffee Flavors
Morning Edition
French Roast
Columbia Regular & Decaf

Timothy’s Coffee Flavors
Irish Cream
Hazelnut Noisette Decaf
Cinnamon Pastry
White Hot Cocoa

Celestial Seasonings Flavors
English Breakfast Black Tea
Mandarin Orange Spice
India Spice Chai Tea
Earl Grey Black Tea
Green Tea Regular & Decaf
Sleepytime Herbal Tea
Lemon Zinger
Black Iced Tea
Sweet Lemon Black Iced Tea
Sweet Peach Black iced Tea
Sweet Raspberry Black Iced Tea
Southern Sweet Perfect Iced Tea
Half & Half Perfect Iced Tea

Bigelow Tea Flavors
English Tea
Earl Grey
Organic Green Tea
Chai Green Tea
Organic Ceylon Tea
French Vanilla Tea
Pomegranate Green Tea
I Love Lemon Herbal Tea Decaf
Mint Medley Herbal Tea Decaf
Orange & Spice Herbal Tea Decaf
Organic Rooibos Asian Pear Decaf
Cozy Chamomile Herb Tea Decaf

Twinings Tea Flavors
English Breakfast Tea Regular & Decaf
Earl Grey Tea Regular & Decaf
Green Tea
African Rooibos Red Tea
Pure Peppermint Tea
Pure Camomile Tea




Coffee & Tea Fresh Packs for Flavia

Alterra Coffee Flavors
Barista's Blend
Costa Rica
Espresso Roast
Foundry Blend
French Roast Regular & Decaf
French Vanilla
House Blend Regular & Decaf
Kona Blend
Morning Roast

Bright Tea Co. Tea Flavors
Chai Spice
Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Green Tea with Jasmine
Japanese Sencha Green Tea
Lemon Herbal
Peppermint Herbal
Raspberry Herbal
Select Green Tea
White Tea with Orange

Hot Cocoa Flavors
Dove® Hot Chocolate
Cappuccino Swirl
Milky Way® Swirl

Coffee & Tea T-Discs for Tassimo

Gevalia Coffee Flavors
Dark Roast
Espresso Regular & Decaf
French Venilla
Signature Blend Regular & Decaf
100% Colombian Coffee
Breakfast Blend

Twinings Tea Flavors
English Breakfast Tea
Earl Grey Tea
Green Tea

Hot Cocoa Flavors
Suchard Hot Cocoa
Cappuccino Milk Creamer
Latte Milk Creamer
Skinny Cappuccino Milk Creamer

Premium Teas

Bigelow Teas
Constant Comment
Lemon Lift
Cinnamon Stick
Raspberry Royale
Plantation Mint
Vanilla Chai
Darjeeling Blend
Earl Grey
English Teatime Regular & Decaf
I Love Lemon
Sweet Dreams
Orange & Spice
Cranberry Apple
Apple Cinnamon
Cozy Chamomile
Mint Medley
Green Tea with Lemon
Green Tea with Pomegranate
Green Tea Decaf

Peet’s Teas
Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Hibiscus Blend
Jasmine Fancy
Masala Chai
Xiao’s Blend

Good Earth Teas
Original Blend Regular & Decaf
Original Sweet & Spicy Decaf
Green Tea Mango
Jasmine Blossom Green Tea
Seven Spice Chai
White Tea Sweet Citrus
Apricot Ginger Black
Cool Mint Herbal Tea

Celestial Seasonings Teas
Cinnamon Apple Spice
Classic English
Lemon Zinger
Mandarin Orange Spice
Red Zinger
Wild Cherry

Tazo® Teas
Wild Sweet Orange
China Green Tips
Organic Chai
Earl Grey

Twining Teas
Earl Grey Regular & Decaf
English Breakfast

Lipton Teas
Lipton Regular & Decaf
Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Mint Soother
Cinnamon Apple Lemon Lane

Yamamoto Yama Teas
Green Tea
Genmai Cha Tea
Jasmine Tea

Numi Organic Teas
Aged Earl Grey
Berry Black
Bushman’s Brew
Chinese Breakfast
Decaf Black Vanilla
Dry Desert Lime
Fields of Gold
Ginger Sun
Golden Chai Spiced
Gunpowder Green Tea
Monkey King
Moonlight Spice
Morning Rise
Rainforest Green Mate
Red Mellow Bush Rooibos
Ruby Chai Spiced Rooibos
Simply Mint
Smoky Tarry-Lapsang
Sweet African Red Green
Sweet Meadows
Toasted Rice Green
Water Sprite Ginger
White Nectar
White Rose

Hot Cocoas

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa
Swiss Miss Sugar Free Hot Cocoa
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa w/Marshmallows
Nestle Cocoa
Nestle Cocoa Sugar Free
Nestle Cocoa w/Marshmallows
Land O’ Lakes Amaretto Cocoa
Land O’ Lakes Cinnamon Cocoa
Land O’ Lakes Mint Cocoa
Land O’ Lakes Raspberry Cocoa
Land O’ Lakes Supreme Cocoa







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