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Beverage Machines

The BevMax Series

The Best Consumer Experience in Vending - An Entire Beverage Aisle At Your Service

Tested. Proven. Reliable. Delivers unsurpassed reliability. For more than 150 years, Crane has built a reputation of providing products that are reliable, durable, and long-lasting.

Employees and visitors will thrive on the convenience offered by the BevMax. Equipped with a delivery system that allows for all types and sizes of beverages to be vended from the same machine. Enjoy your favorite juices, bottled water, energy drinks, soda, and much more with the BevMax. More capacity, faster delivery, and advanced payment solutions provide consumers with the optimal vending experience

The BevMax exceeds Tier 2 Energy Star standards. This ensures your employees are served refreshing, ice cold beverages while conserving energy with the machine's efficient compressor and fan motor features.

Most workplaces and facilities have "peak consumption periods" during breaks and lunch hours. The BevMax is two to three times faster than other glassfront vending machines, meaning your employees are satisfied more quickly and spend less time in the break room.


  • BevMax Series
  • BevMax Series

Dimensions: : 72"H x 41.5"W x 35"D
Product Selection Capabilities: 45 selections
Cashless vending solutions with credit/debit and mobile payment
Energy Star qualified with LED lighting, efficient compressors
"Served, not shaken" delivery mechanism
Sure-Vend equipped guaranteeing product delivery or money back

The Vue Series

A Whole New Way to Look At Vending...

The Vue offers the ability to provide your employees and visitors with an array of cold beverages. From soda, juices, teas, energy drinks, waters, and healthy beverages, the Vue will satisfy every taste preference

Unmatched flexibility with multiple shelf configurations and indoor/outdoor capabilities. Increase selection and capacity for higher traffic locations within same footprint and security features equip machine to withstand outdoor elements

Equipped with innovative features including cashless vending solutions, guaranteed delivery systems, energy efficient lighting and compressors, and a "served, not shaken" delivery mechanism

For over 75 years, Vendo has lead the vending industry by blending design, technology, and durability in producing their beverage vending machines.


  • BevMax Series
  • BevMax Series
  • 7up Vue Series
  • BevMax Series

Dimensions: 72"H x 41.5"W x 35"D
Product Selection Capabilities: 30-40 selections
Cashless Vending Solutions with credit/debit and mobile payment
"Served, not shaken" delivery mechanism
Energy Star qualified with features including LED lighting and refrigeration controls
Extra features for outdoor use: steel panels/grill, UV resistant polycarbonate face to protect glass, and double pane, argon filled tempered glass panel

The Stacker Series

Built with image and durability in mind, stackers have high impact graphics to capture consumers while maintaining product integrity at the same time.

Engineered for maximum product capacities.  Stackers provide high capacities for each selection ensuring consumers will always have the product they want, when they want it.

Come equipped with options such as LED lighting and refrigeration controls to conserve energy. Cashless vending solutions from credit/debit to mobile payments. Epoxy coated vend chute provides smooth product delivery to reduce carbonation.

Stackers are built tough and durable to withstand vandal prone facilities and elements both indoors and outdoors.


  • BevMax Series
  • BevMax Series
  • BevMax Series
  • BevMax Series

Dimensions: 72"H x 34.75"W x 39.5"D
Product Selection Capabilities: Up to 8 selections & 660 units
Equipped with delivery sensor to detect product as it vends
Cashless vending solutions
Energy Star qualified with efficient lighting and refrigeration
High capacity machine




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