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Remote Monitoring

vending solutions Our wireless remote monitoring system provides us 24/7, real-time, in-depth information about our vending machines. Through wireless data reporting, we receive up-to-the-minute overviews of sales, inventory levels, and malfunctions on our vending machines. This allows us to perform an in-depth analysis on each of our machines and locations which we then use to service our machines at the right time, provide our clients with the products they want most, and making sure to resolve problems before they become an issue. We also use our remote monitoring software to dynamically schedule our routes to assist our technicians in servicing clients in the most efficient manner possible.

With our remote monitoring systems, we have the ability to pre-kit for every machine remotely. Most vending companies simply load up their delivery trucks with huge cases of what they generally need for that day. In many instances, this results in either running out of product on a busy day or coming back with too much product on the truck. With pre-kitting, we load bins with the exact amount of product needed for each machine individually. This ensures that machines are serviced accurately, with the freshest product possible. It also allows us to run more efficient routes by eliminating excess waste/spoilage, reduce fuel consumption by dynamically scheduling routes, and using preventive maintenance to eliminate minor service calls.

All of our trucks are also equipped with GPS tracking devices. We know the location of our technicians throughout the day which allows us to respond to our clients' service needs in a timely fashion. With our GPS system, we have up-to-minute information on our technicians' activity such as service stops and variations in their routes. Our GPS devices help us service our customers with faster response times while improving our customer relations by providing our clients with in-depth information on arrival times and completion times for service calls.

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