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frozen & ice cream machines

The Evolution Series

A "Cool" vending solution to your facility.

Constructed with high impact aesthetics and merchandising, the Evolution is sure to capture consumers' attention in any setting. Equipped with an unique chest freezer design and robotic arm, quality, ease-of-use, and interaction is assured with each vend.

As with all of our vending machines, the Evolution comes equipped with a guaranteed delivery system, cashless vending solutions, and energy efficient lighting/freezer.

The Evolution is built by the leaders in ice cream vending: Fastcorp. Constructed with few moving parts and a chest freezer design, the Evolution ensures product integrity is maintained each vend.

  • Ice Cream Vending Machine

Dimensions: 72"H x 41"W x 36"D

Product Selection Capabilities: 12-20 selections

Durable heavy steel construction suitable for indoor/outdoor use

High impact merchandising and aesthetics

LED lighting options

Advance payment solution options in credit/debit and mobile payment

Energy efficient freezer design built to maintain product integrity

The Frozen Gourmet Series

The frozen food section isn't just for the grocery store anymore.

Brand Power
The Frozen Gourmet has the ability to bring nationally recognized frozen entrée brands that deliver on the promise of quality and value to your employees. From pastas to pizza snacks, to calorie conscious healthy dinners, the choices are endless. Ice Cream novelties can be vended from single column selections giving your employees a sweet treat at the press of a button.

Performance Features
With configuration flexibility and the highest capacity in the industry, the FrozenGourmet assures your employees will have the products they desire when hunger strikes. With SureVend technology, you can rest assured your employees will receive their products your get their money back

With an 80 year legacy, the National Vendors brand is renowned for superior durability and reliable operation

  • frozen gourmet series

Dimensions: 72"H x 48.75"W x 37"D
Product Selection Capabilities: 32-40 selections

Advanced payment solution options with credit/debit and mobile payment

Highest capacity glassfront frozen merchandiser in the industry

Maximum merchandising flexibility

Foamed in place cabinet and door for increased energy efficiency and insulation properties

Triple pane heated glass prevents condensation

Retractable delivery door insure precise internal temp control & enhances product security

The A LA CARTE Series

Frozen and Refrigerated Merchandising with Maximum Visibility

The A LA Carte series is capable of feeding an entire workforce. Enjoy healthy entrees, deli style sandwiches, burritos, hot pockets, and ice cream all within your facility

Ultimate merchandising flexibility with multiple shelf configurations and varying capacity levels. Can configure machine to accommodate employees' preferences ranging from large items to small finger foods. The ability to setup as a refrigerated or frozen machine based on workplace preferences.

The A LA Carte comes equipped with the latest technologies in the industry including cashless vending solutions, guaranteed delivery systems, and energy efficient lighting and compressors.

  • The A La Carte Series

Dimensions: 72"H x 37.5"W x 33.5"D

Product Selection Capabilities: 26-40 selections

Glassfront design for merchandising food items

Advanced payment solution options with credit/debit and mobile payment

Variable temperature control for frozen or refrigerated vending

Flexible shelving configuration to ensure capacity for small or large locations

Guaranteed delivery system ensures product delivery of money back



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